Services We Provide


Health and Safety Audit and Inspection


Moakes Health and Safety Audit addresses all relevant aspects of Health and Safety management and workplace risk.  The extensive report that is then produced, provides a clear and concise plan for full compliance with all relevant legislation.


Health and Safety Policy


It is a legal requirement for employers with more than five employees to have a written health and safety policy. We will write your Health and Safety Policy and Procedures and integrate these into your H&S Manual.


Fire Risk Assessment


Upon completion of your Fire Risk Assessment and action plan (if required) will be produced to ensure your organisation is complying with all relevant legislation. 


Workplace Risk Assessment


Identifying potential hazards and managing risks to health and safety is essential in ensuring a safe working environment. Risk assessment is fundamental to all health & safety requirements and standards. 


DSE Computer Workstation Assessment


A DSE Assessment evaluates the hazards for employees who regularly use computer equipment, including laptops and mobile devices.  These solutions include online or form based self-assessments, or training of your own staff to carry out the assessments.


Accident Investigation


The investigation of work-related accidents forms an essential part of managing health and safety. We use a methodical approach to determine why an accident occurred and the actions needed to prevent a recurrence.  In the event of a serious incident we can liaise with enforcement authorities and assist with RIDDOR reports and insurance companies/ claims. 


Competent Person


As an employer you need to appoint somebody to act as your competent health and safety person.  This could be a suitably qualified staff member, or you could hire a health and safety consultant to perform this role.  The decision on who to appoint will depend on the specific working environment and the risks involved. We can be your competent person, attending your offices on a regular basis. 


Online health and safety training


Free trials available on all H&S and food safety courses. All courses are accredited by ROSPA. Our one to one tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience that’ll be retained and applied to keep your business safe and compliant.  


Stress Management - Meditation Digital Detox Classes 


A regular class for all your staff, with these short digital detox classes, you can expect gentle stretches to relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulders after a morning at the desk and simple meditation techniques to bring clarity, creativity and connection.


Health and Safety Committees and Action Planning


We encourage the formation of a Health and Safety Committee or more informal meetings to spread responsibility across the organisation including all employees.  We can assist in the initial setting up of the committee, meeting or forum and take an active part in running the agenda including acting as chairperson and reporting the outcomes. 


Health and Safety Annual Report


A regular H&S Report assesses your progress against KPIs (key performance indicators). The report can be updated periodically to highlight areas for on-going or immediate improvement.  The report provides an excellent component of an overall health and safety management system.


Other Services

If there are Health and Safety services, you are looking for that are not included in the short list above do not hesitate to contact us.